Cracker is a 1-2 month old male German Shepherd. He is being fostered in Gloucestershire.

This little chap was found dumped in a car park in Bristol and brought to the Vets – probably more than likely the story was they were unable to sell him due to a terrible infection he had in his private bits which made weeing hard to do which has resulted in urine burns all over his feet and stomach.

He still had a blue puppy collar around his neck that breeders use to help potential owners reserve their puppies.

Anyway, long story short he has done his time at the pound, started antibiotics, and the vet has recommended the surgery in an easy-to-understand language he needs the hole in his willy made bigger.

This needs to be done as soon as possible now the infection is clearing up nicely with the medication and he has been wormed, started his vaccinations and getting stronger we will get this carried out in the next week – its a relatively straightforward surgery which he should recover from quickly and live a normal life with lasting effects.

At the vets so loved

Seeing the Vet

As you can see from the videos Cracker is a very outgoing little chap, a confident happy little puppy. He is being well-socialized in his foster home and already learning basic commands.

We are doing everything we can with these important weeks to expose him to different things, dogs and even cats.

With the other dogs

cats are not a problem bless him

Only been with us a few days and already responding to training

This little man is a blank canvas – we understand he will be popular because of him being a cute fluffy puppy but this little dog will grow into a strong intelligent possibly 40 odd kilos dog – you only have to look at German Shepherd Rescues to see how many lands in the wrong hands with people who have no understanding of such an intelligent strong-willed high energy dog and have put no work into them in the early days with socialisation, not giving them the exercise they require and end up in rescue because people are unable to cope especially when they start going through adolescent from 6/7 months lasting for the next two years – one of the most challenging breeds in inexperienced hands bred for their strength, intelligent and high energy – they are the best dogs with the right people and the worse of dogs with the wrong people.

Lots of different people and lots of love

This will not happen to Cracker if we do our job properly when it comes to placing him, he will only be homed with people who understand this noble intelligent breed and do him justice, people who not only have the time but also the stamina and lifestyle that will suit him. We will not home him with young families for the simple reason he needs a lot of time and training to grow into the great dog he has the potential to be.

It’s also important if you have resident dogs they are going to be tolerant of such a young puppy and will not harm him – equally important they will cope with a young enthusiastic bouncy big puppy in the coming months. We will need to see all resident’s dogs with him as he is a very confident puppy.

With Aunty Lucy

Cracker will be vaccinated, chipped, wormed/flea before he leaves us and fully recovered from his surgery.

He is too young to be neutered so please do not apply if you have entire dogs as he has a lot of growing to do before he can be neutered but you will be expected to do this as part of our adoption process.

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