Arlo is a 1-2 year old male Collie cross Pointer. He is arrived in the UK a year ago as a puppy, rescued from the streets of Bosnia. He is now 15 months old and sadly he’s looking for a new forever home. His family are heartbroken to be giving Arlo up but despite their best efforts they have recognised they can’t give Arlo the type of home he truly needs.

Arlo is a very good tempered dog who adores people and is very, very intelligent. He picks up commands extremely quickly, thrives with positive reinforcement training, and would love an active home. He would be best suited to a family who love adventures and are keen to have a smart cookie who they are prepared continue to train and socialise.

He is also already crate trained, house trained and neutered. Arlo believes that everyone is his friend. He loves to play with other dogs and people and could happily be rehomed into a family with an existing resident dog. Having a pal might help him use up some of his energy during the day, as he can get bored quite easily.

Arlo has been struggling living alongside a ten year old and gets very over-excited and boisterous around her. We therefore feel that he would be set up for success better in a home without children, although generally speaking he is very friendly with them. When there are just adults in the home Arlo is noticeably calmer.

Arlo’s favourite toys are the ones that squeak, and he also enjoys anything that involves puzzles and mental enrichment, such as ripping boxes apart and unpacking toys. Arlo’s ideal home needs to be based semi-rurally with a family who have an active lifestyle.

He also needs access to a garden and continued training, as he really enjoys this. He is a fantastic, loyal and loving boy who would thrive in a home who can meet his needs, so if you think you can give him the enrichment and adventure he craves please do get in touch. Arlo is currently based in a foster home in Oxfordshire and has a clean bill of health.

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