Life In Torbreck: Brisbane’s Landmark Modernist Apartment Building 

Around 1.3 million Australians live in an apartment, and yet it’s rare to hear of a building with a genuinely close knit community of residents. 

When we asked Torbreck apartment owners Mat Williams and Steph Cooper (whose home we featured individually in May) if they knew any neighbours we could also visit for a story, we were delighted to learn of several residents with a shared appreciation of their landmark 1958-1960 building. ‘You’ll be spoilt for choice,’ Steph told us… They weren’t wrong!

We spent the day touring the significant mid-century building, including three apartments respectively owned by a group of friends known as the ‘Torbreck lovers.’ Each of the apartments has been sympathetically renovated over time, without detracting from the original vision of Torbreck architects Aubrey Job and Robert Froud.

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