In our 1000-lb Sisters recap, Tammy Slaton backslides in Season 4, Episode 2Can’t Have Cake and Eat it Too. Her siblings are all very worried and we’ll see Amy Slaton Halterman, Chris Combs, Amanda Halterman, Gage Halterman, and Misty Slaton visit her at the rehab center in Ohio.

Amy Slaton Doesn’t Want to Deal with Tammy Slaton – Recap of 1000-lb Sisters

The episode kicks off with Amy Slaton freaking out about Tammy Slaton’s tracheotomy. She doesn’t want to have to deal with it if her big sister tries to move back home while still having a trach.

Later, Amy and Michael Halterman find out the sex of their baby now that she’s four months along. On 1000-lb Sisters, she says it feels like a “bowling ball in my cooter”.

She weighs 276 lbs now but her goal is 150 lbs once she has the baby. But Dr. Cindy Basinksi, her OB/GYN, isn’t pleased that Amy is in another high-risk pregnancy.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Halterman - Michael Halterman
1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Halterman – Michael Halterman – Image Credit TLC

She was too impatient to lose the weight she needed drop to before getting knocked up — against doctor’s advice. Amy hopes for a girl because she wants one of each then plans to get her tubes tied.

Dr. Barinksi tells them they’re having a boy and Amy’s disappointed but happy that the baby’s healthy. Then, she faces chastising from her doctor about her eating habits. She admits she’s eating “anything” she wants.

Eat Some Vegetables, Amy!

On 1000-lb Sisters, the doctor wants Amy Slaton to eat fruits and vegetables, but she prefers cheese sticks. The doctor says she’s at higher risk for high blood pressure because of her high weight.

Dr. Barinski worries about preeclampsia and kidney damage or placental abruption. She says Amy might not be around to take care of her children if she doesn’t take care of herself.

The pregnant reality celeb says “you’re about to see a whole new Amy” and vows to do better. Back home, Michael comes in with a box of peaches to eat better.

In the 1000-lb Sisters recap, she hopes Gage will see her being a good role model. But Gage pushes away a slice of peach then finally takes it, bites it, and throws it on the floor.

Amy talks about distancing herself from Tammy because of her wrecking her life. But since her sister’s doing better, she wants to forgive her and put it behind them.

Tammy Slaton in Rehab – 4 Months of Progress – 1000-lb Sisters Recap

It’s four months in rehab for Tammy Slaton now. And she’s finally able to walk more. The nurse cheers her progress. Tammy says having the trach is “scary” and says “my throat farts” then says she can’t control it.

She’s working out with ropes and says they kick her butt. The dietitian comes to talk about her food and offers lasagna or a hot dog. Tammy’s not happy that the food is so unhealthy and says it’s hard to eat healthily.

Then, Tammy admits, when asked on 1000-lb Sisters, that she’s not avoiding carbs. Later, Tammy Slaton talks to the camera to get some things off her chest.

She cries and says she hates being there and missing family functions, birthdays and graduations. She’s really missing seeing Gage grow up since she’s hours away in Ohio.

She says sometimes she feels like giving up. It’s hitting her super-hard that she’s away from family. She cries about appreciating her fans as she records a tear-stained TikTok.

Amy Shares Baby News with Tammy – 1000-lb Sisters Recap Season 4 Episode 2

Later on 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton gets a video call from Amy who tells her she’s having another boy. Tammy asks how she feels about it and her sister admits she’s a little bummed.

Tammy says “another Gage” won’t be that hard to have running around. Amy thinks her sister is clueless because that “b**ch ain’t done nothing but chase a damned sandwich”.

She jokes about Tammy rolling her wheelchair around chasing a toddler. Then, she delivers more news to Tammy. She says she and Gage are coming for a visit and Tammy is over the moon on 1000-lb Sisters.

All the siblings are coming to see her, in fact. Amy says this new Tammy shows she’s putting in some effort instead of being awful to them like she was before — tearing their heads off.

Now, it’s been months since Tammy Slaton’s seen her family who’s all down in Kentucky. Amy says Tammy looks happier and better but knows she’s homesick.

She wonders if visiting her will make it worse. She doesn’t want her sis to give up and repeat her bad habit history.

Tammy Fears a Life Stuck in Rehab on TLC Episode

In our 1000-lb Sisters recap, we see Tammy Slaton excited about the visit as she does art with friends Lillie and Ray who are also in rehab. Tammy is painting a picture she calls trash. Ray says it’s just abstract.

Tammy says it helps to have friends going through the same thing that she is. The producer asks if she’s met a man there and she denies it. They ask if she’s ever dated anyone heavy and she says it’s a “hard no”.

She says she only dates thinner people and laughs implying that two heavy people can’t have sex. Later, she talks about her friends — one has been there seven years and Tammy doesn’t want to be stuck there forever.

A real-time update is that Tammy did meet a guy in rehab and married him there. His name is Caleb Willingham and you can sometimes catch glimpses of him in the background of scenes of 1000-lb Sisters.

Sister Scared Amanda Halterman & Misty Slaton into the Gym

Amanda Halterman says that Tammy’s almost-fatal health crisis “scared the sh*t out of us”. She and her sister Misty Slaton are at the YMCA to look at some exercise classes.

Misty says she lost 100 pounds working out but hasn’t been to the gym in 5 years and regained it all. They walk past an aerobics class and see “half-naked” women dancing.

They also note they don’t see any “big people”. So, they pass the class and look for something else. Misty says she “ain’t about to do all that” like the other ladies with “their butt cheeks hanging out”.

Amanda Halterman - Misty Slaton
Amanda Halterman – Misty Slaton – Image Credit TLC

They hop onto the scale on 1000-lb Sisters to check their weights. Misty weighs 222 but says she should weigh about 150. Amanda gets on and sees that she weighs 293.

She says, “I’m disgusted with myself” and says she was thin growing up. Then she started having kids. She says all that and wrong eating and a “conundrum of bullsh*t” caused her to blow up.

1000-Lb Sisters Recap: Amanda Reversed Gastric Bypass & Packed on Pounds

Amanda says she had a gastric bypass eight years ago and dropped to 220 but then reversed it and regained the weight. She says her life has been a “mess”. She was married to Michael Halterman’s brother Jason.

But they split two years ago, and she ate her feelings and packed on pounds. Misty and Amanda get on treadmills and a trainer comes over to chat them up on 1000-lb Sisters.

Amanda says he’s “tall and fine”. She tries to play it cool. They giggle when he walks away, and Amanda talks about wrapping her long legs around his neck.

She wants to lose 80-100 lbs to be a “healthier version of me”. Misty asks if she’s dating but she wants to get herself in a better spot. And she seems to be self-pleasuring and says “nobody can do me better than me”.

A Visit to see Tammy Slaton in Rehab on 1000-Lb Sisters, Season 4 Episode 2

On 1000-lb Sisters, the siblings and Gage hop in a minivan to drive to Ohio to see Tammy Slaton. It’s a 7-hour drive. Chris Combs made some food for Tammy at her request.

She asked for a picnic, and he brought healthy food, but Amy worries Tammy will eat it all at once. Misty’s excited to see her changes. Chris says she “hit her rock bottom” and is pulling out of it.

Amanda says the trach was a big scare for Tammy. Amy wonders how this will be since it’s been so long since they’ve seen her. Misty says if Tammy doesn’t want to be better, it won’t happen.

Amy says the last time she saw Tammy, she almost died. She really wants her sister to get her bariatric surgery. They head inside to see Tammy who’s eager to grab her nephew in her arms.

Weight Loss Stuns Siblings

On 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton is stunned that her nephew’s walking. She sees how much she’s missed. She plays with her nephew who’s happy to be cuddled. They all agree that Tammy’s “looking good”.

She says she’s dropped a total of 140 lbs. She’s down to 573 pounds. Chris Combs calls it wonderful. They’re all so proud. Then, Chris says Tammy lost as much weight as he did and says “she’s more driven” than ever.

Tammy’s thrilled to have “real food” when Chris tells her what he brought her. He made barbecue, sausage, ribs, wings, turkey, and broccoli casserole. But she’s upset that he made healthy versions of foods she likes.

Tammy says it’s hard being there and missing them. She says no offense to the center but she’s a home person. She wants to be home with her family. But Amanda says her being there on her own is what’s best.

Tammy Puts on Big Girl Panties on 1000-lb Sisters

In the 1000-lb Sisters recap, Tammy Slaton starts crying when they say they need her healthy and she has to do this to make it happen. Amanda takes the lead on this.

Still, Tammy Slaton says she wants to come home and shakes her head at her sister. But she knows she needs to stay there now so she can come home forever later.

They joke about her putting on her big-girl panties and that they’re “really big”. Amy’s taking a “sit back and watch” attitude about all this. Gage farts in his sleep and grosses them out.

Tammy says baby Gage’s gas is “raunchy” and “something died in that kid’s butt”. Misty says “that’ll part your hair”. The siblings say it’s late and they need to go on 1000-lb Sisters.

Amy Slaton hopes her sister will meet her goal because she had lots of opportunities before to have the surgery. She says if Tammy doesn’t follow through, she’ll wash her hands of her big sister.

TLC Recap – Swim Lessons for Baby Gage

Amy Slaton Halterman goes with Gage and Amanda Halterman to get the tot a swimming lesson. They hope to get some exercise and wear him out so he’ll sleep all night.

Amy says the doctor told her to do something physical. The only problem is that she doesn’t know how to swim — and neither does her husband.

Amanda tells her that she and Jason are filing for divorce. They’ll be back to just sisters and not also sisters-in-law. She talks about making bad choices. And Amanda says she needs to get her mojo back now she’s single.

On 1000-lb Sisters, Amy says she “stayed my ass in the house” with the air conditioning instead of getting out and trying things. Amanda tries to get Amy to float.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Halterman - Baby Gage Halterman
1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Halterman – Baby Gage Halterman – Image Credit TLC

She repeats the same lesson the guy is giving Gage, but on her sister. Amanda finally gets Amy to float. Gage is doing great in the water.

Then, Amy has to pee and asks if she can. She insists she did not pee in the pool. (Sure Amy, sure…)

Tammy Doesn’t Want to Address Her Issues on 1000-lb Sisters

On Season 4, Episode 2 of the TLC series, Tammy Slaton has a video therapy session she’s not looking forward to much. She doesn’t want to be “dug into”. She says the sessions are required as part of pre-approval for surgery.

Tammy says this could “break everything” because she doesn’t like this. She chats with the shrink, Dr. Connie Stapleton. They talk about her healthy new habits. The doc seems pleased she’s setting boundaries.

The doc says she’s proud of her on 1000-lb Sisters. Tammy says she’s come a long way in respecting and loving herself. She admits to the shrink about her pneumonia and going septic. She says it was a near-death event.

The doc asks what she got from foods, drugs, or alcohol in the past and asked why she increased her usage of them but Tammy doesn’t want to talk about it.

Tammy Gains 10 Lbs Instead of Losing Weight

The producers ask her the same and Tammy Slaton says it was a hard time and she doesn’t want to discuss it. The shrink asks probing questions, but she stonewalls her.

Dr. Stapleton says they have to address the root issues before she can get surgery. She wants to make a relapse prevention plan. They wrap the session with a plan to talk in a week.

Tammy Slaton weight gain
1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton weight gain – Image credit TLC

It’s time to weigh in on 1000-lb Sisters. Tammy Slaton weighed 573 with a goal of 550 to get her operation. She stands up on the scale and it says 583.

She gained 10 pounds instead of losing any. This is the first time she’s gained weight since entering rehab and she’s upset. Tammy Slaton says “right now, I’m done”. The End.

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