Nora is a 3-4 year old female French Bulldog. She is friendly with everyone. Great with kids, dogs, and cats. Currently at Hatton, Derbyshire, DE65.

Nora is a well-behaved, easy dog. She is ok with dogs outside but she can be jealous and not very good with other dogs at home – has periodical resource guarding, including for humans’ attention.

So we believe NORA would benefit to be the only dog and in this case, will make an absolutely easy and adorable companion. She is amazing with people and kids. Good with cats.

Nora has only been with us for a couple of days but she is very affectionate!

Nora loves cuddling up to people and is very loving, likes having lots of attention, fuss and belly scratches. She eats and drinks well and isn’t messy with this.

Nora likes to spend most of her time with people but is okay when left for short periods.

Nora doesn’t bite at all, when quite excited to see someone she licks a lot and can sometimes mouth you with lots of love, but never hurts.

Nora is quite timid and nervous when first meeting her, but after settling with people she can be playful and loving.

Nora is currently toileting inside on the puppy pad, but we are working with her to slowly get her to do this outside.

We are thinking it’s because she’s still not confident in a new environment. She likes to sleep on the sofa or cuddle up next to people.

Nora is okay with having her harness and leads put on and goes into the garden but is reluctant to go out for a walk at the minute, probably due to rehoming stress.

Nora would make a perfect companion for somebody. Nora loves kids and is good around them. Nora has no known health issues. Vaccinated, microchipped.

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