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Most business leaders can agree, the last few years have been anything but ordinary. From unprecedented circumstances like the global pandemic to record high inflation, the atypical has become typical in our everyday existence. The U.S. military coined acronym VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) is more relevant today than ever before. It represents the challenges teams, business leaders and organizations face as we navigate uncertain times. These unpredictable forces require a new approach. Instead of looking to the past to rewrite our , we would benefit from paving a new path towards resiliency — one that takes a holistic approach in today’s business environments.

As we confront ongoing challenges without a manual, leaders are navigating conditions our predecessors have not yet laid the groundwork for. For many entrepreneurs, resiliency has not been an imperative leadership characteristic. However, those who exhibit this quality are adapting to the chaos — honing a renewed sense of and seeking out resources to lead forward.

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