Eddie is a 4 month old male Labrador. Despite Eddie and Jagger is looking like brothers, they were actually found in different towns, and are different ages. Eddie is a month older than Jagger, meaning that he’s ready to travel in November, whilst his pal has to wait until December for his big break. Both boys are amazing little characters and we’ve been so happy to welcome them to the shelter. They both bring so much joy into the pack and have nothing but love to give.

Eddie and Jagger are both assumed to be Labrador mixes based on their appearance. Although we now know they’re not related based on their difference in age, the pair act like brothers and have a really great bond together. They are also both brilliant with other pups, but better suited to robust pups who like rough and tumble play, otherwise they can be a bit full on for more reserved puppies. They also love to pull each other’s tails and chew each other’s ears!

When they first arrived Jagger was much more confident that Eddie, but having now built up trusting bonds with the shelter staff and volunteers they are both very sociable, friendly and keen to approach new people. They love to be cuddled, stroked and held, and they’re both very inquisitive, cheeky and will never miss an opportunity to attack a shoelace! Based on their expected breed mix, we’re looking for active homes with gardens for both boys.

They would prefer to be outside of a city as they’re not used to very built up areas and they are likely to struggle with the noise and commotion. Eddie is a lovely boy who is very playful and affectionate. He will take himself off to a quiet corner if he’s all tuckered out from playing and being made a fuss of. He likes to curl up in the most adorable little donut with the other shelter pups and will sleep right through a conversation whilst Jagger eavesdrops.

Both boys are good with other dogs and could be rehomed with a resident pup, but are confident to be adopted into household where they’re the only dog too. They’re not tested with cats, but can be over-zealous players so might not be the ideal match for a household with resident felines. We feel Eddie and Jagger can live with children based on their previous interactions, but would prefer to rehome them with children aged 6+ unless the children in question have been raised with dogs in the household before.

Puppies are hard work, but so rewarding. These two are going to make excellent companions with continued socialisation and training, and we can’t wait to see them flourish in their forever homes. Eddie is currently based in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health. He is due to arrive in the UK in November.

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