Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) dropped by Fox News on Friday to react to President Biden’s recent remarks on the border crisis; Abbott says “Biden has no plan to secure the border.”

In fact, he believes it will encourage more illegal migrants to come to the U.S.

“I think what his proposal is going to do is to entice even more people to come here illegally,” Abbott warned. “Biden talked about the Republicans having no plan. Republicans do have a plan to secure the border. Biden has no plan to secure the border. Americans are angry and frustrated. It’s time for Biden to lay out details about how he will stop illegal immigrants coming across our border.”

“Under the Trump administration, we had the lowest border crossings in decades. It took only a year under the Biden administration to have the most illegal border crossings ever. And what Biden is laying out right now is not going to reduce that.”

“His catch and release program is not enforcing laws that require them to detain people who’ve come across the border illegally. And he’s just letting them loose. And that is promoting and enticing more people to come to our country illegally.”

Abbott also went after Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas for lying to Americans about a secure border.

“They’re not fooling anybody,” he said.

“That border is open because of the Biden administration. We’ve had about as many people cross the border illegally in the past year alone as we have residents of Houston, Texas.”

Watch the clip above. More over at Fox News:

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