Automotive Transformation Group (ATG) has launched a new electric vehicle cost calculator, to help car buyers make informed choices about their vehicle.

The tool can be found within the Group’s ecommerce product, NetDirector Auto-e and combines the latest TCO data with easily digestible content that relates to typical consumer questions, empowering consumers to make important decisions about their vehicle choice.

ATG’s chief executive officer Tim Smith said: “There is more emphasis than ever before on how your vehicle choice can impact the environment. And it is important that automotive service providers do what they can to accommodate this demand.

“By outlining TCO in a user-friendly way, consumers can make the correct switch for them at a time that suits them, and they will be able to do so with conviction. Ultimately, inspiring more consumers to take the plunge. Automotive Transformation Group are excited to be at the forefront of such a sustainable movement, positively impacting the environment in a variety of ways.” 

Users will be able to search by battery range, which the Group has identified as a key consumer anxiety following extensive research. Once located, each EV will be displayed on an easily accessible vehicle detail page, and using in-house data, will allow consumers to view battery size, performance, and economy at a glance. All of which are based on Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) measures, ensuring maximum accuracy. They can then access the total cost of ownership for their chosen EV in line with national averages, showing them three years’ worth of potential savings, based on fuel type and annual mileage.  

Using look-up functionality delivered by multiple data providers, they will also have access to a side-by-side comparison of their savings with the ability to manipulate variables including predicted mileage, before ultimately being presented with their custom total annual savings calculation.

In collaboration with Zap Map, ATG’s EV Calculator will also feature advanced charging information as standard. This will provide consumers with all the vehicle charging information they need, from charging types and timings to the location of these access points. 

Electric vehicle sales are on an upward trajectory. The number of EVs sold increased by 94% between September 2020 and 2022. Battery electric vehicle (BEV) registrations rose by 23.4% in October, according to data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

The number of EV charging stations increased by 8% between July and October this year alone and are up 34% compared to October 2021. This demand has intensified due to rising fuel costs and an enhanced awareness of sustainability and environmental protection. 

Tim Smith was named as the new CEO of Automotive Transformation Group, in September, stepping up from his current role as chief revenue officer.

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