Below Deck‘s Captain Lee Rosbach had some choice words after Captain Sandy Yawn didn’t tell him about her plans to fire Camille Lamb.

Why Captain Sandy was Running the St. David (and Not Captain Lee)

Earlier this season, the Be the Calm Or Be the Storm author, Captain Sandy Yawn, stepped in for Captain Lee while he addressed health concerns. So, while Sandy ran the St. David, Lee Rosbach was still over her.

When Lee Rosbach gave control over to Sany Yawn, he issued a statement. “As you guys know I’ve been struggling with my mobility, and it’s been hard and I’ve let you guys down.”

He continues, “and, for that, I apologize. So I’ve made a decision to leave the boat,” the Running Against the Tide author told his crew in a December 2022 episode. This was right before Sandy arrived to take over on Below Deck.

Below Deck: Captain Lee Rosbach

Ahead of his onscreen departure, the Below Deck Captain hinted that he would return. (The midseason trailer confirmed that Lee would be coming back onboard in Season 10.)

According to Us Weekly, Captain Lee Rosbach said, “Back surgery came out great, it really did,” And then he continued. “You will find this season that I do something that I’ve never, ever done before in my career or in my life.”

Captain Lee vs Captain Sandy: Below Deck Bosses Clash Over ‘Procedure and Respect’ in Firing of Camille Lamb

Captain Lee (73) said “So I found out after the fact that she fired one of my crew, not before.” He tweeted this after the new episode that aired last Monday.

On the Bravo series, viewers saw Captain Sandy Yawn (57), call Captain Lee after she fired Camille Lamb, and told her to pack up her things.

Bravo: Camille Lamb

What was not shown on the Bravo show Below Deck, was that Lee didn’t realize Sandy told him this AFTER she already fired Camille Lamb.

Lee said that it “lacked in procedure and respect”.  He said he agreed with the decision. But, was mad that he wasn’t told first. And, this was why he started a small online feud with Captain Sandy.

Why Did Captain Lee Choose to Have the Argument in Public?

Captain Lee was asked why he didn’t talk to Sandy privately, and not while filming Below Deck. He said, “She did it on TV in front of how many people with out consulting me. That doesn’t sound very private to me at all.”

According to Lee, it was upsetting to see Captain Sandy not keep him up to date with what was going on. “I agree, I didn’t want her to ask permission, just wanted the update, that quick call you mentioned, good manners,”

Below Deck: Captain Sandy Yawn

Sandy, for her part, later fired back at Captain Lee with various cryptic quotes. One tweet appeared to be directed at Captain Lee said, “If someone treats you bad, just remember that there is something wrong with them, not you.”

One thing is for sure… there will be lots more fireworks once Captain Lee returns to take control of the St. David on Below Deck.

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