(Live report from Brazil)

Hundreds of protesters wearing green and yellow occupied Brasilia this Sunday (08). The ramp of the National Congress of Brazil was occupied in the early afternoon.

The demonstrators are protesting against the socialist government of Lula (PT) and calling for the arrest of the corrupt leader. There are also placards calling for a military intervention.

TRENDING: BREAKING: Massive Crowd of Brazilians Descend on Brasilia, Storm Congress – SHOTS FIRED (VIDEO)

The demonstrators left the Brasilia Army Headquarters and headed towards Congress.

The Minister of Justice, Flavio Dino, authorized on Saturday (07), the employment of the National Force on the Esplanade of Ministries until next Monday (09).

The ordinance was published today for “protection of public order and public and private property” from the Bus Station in Brasilia to the Plaza of Three Powers.

It is not known if there was any kind of depredation in Congress.

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