In a visit earlier this year to Hong Kong, China’s President Xi reported that Hong Kong was now totally in the hands of the CCP.  The tiny country was now officially part of China.  This came 25 years after the handover with Britain and 25 years before China agreed to take over.

During his speech in July, Xi said:

There is not a country or region in the world where its citizens would allow those who are not patriotic, or even traitors to get hold of political power”

After Destroying Individual Rights, China’s President Xi Arrives at 25th Anniversary of Handover to Claim “Beginning of True Democracy in Hong Kong”

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This morning the world saw that Xi had his predecessor Hu Jintao, the former CCP Chairman, hauled out of the CCP summit on live TV in full view of everyone.

BREAKING: Chinese Leader Xi Has His Predecessor Hu Jintao Removed from CCP Summit on Live TV – VIDEO

We don’t know what statement Xi is trying to make.  Is he trying to show the world how he gets rid of his enemies?  Or is Xi trying to show the world how China deals with old, senile politicians who don’t know what is going on?

 Maybe Xi is doing both. 

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