He can leap congressional norms in a single bound.

A California congressman-elect plans to use the original Superman #1 comic for his swearing-in — whenever that may be.

Robert Garcia, a Democrat, announced his plans Tuesday in a tweet. But he and the rest of the 118th Congress have had to wait for the swearing-in ceremony, as neither the House nor Superman himself could break the deadlock to elect a speaker for the second day in a row on Wednesday.

Rep.-elect Robert Garcia, D-Calif., listens during a news conference with Congressional Progressive Caucus members at AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington on Nov. 13, 2022.

“Will be proudly sworn-in to Congress on the U.S. Constitution,” Garcia tweeted. “Underneath the Constitution will be 3 items that mean a lot to me personally. A photo of my parents who I lost to COVID, my citizenship certificate & an original Superman #1 from the Library of Congress.”

Representatives are not required to use any specific document when taking their oaths. In 2007, Keith Ellison became the first Muslim elected to Congress and swore his oath on a Quran, one that once belonged to Thomas Jefferson.

Garcia is a proud comic book nerd — it’s in his Twitter bio — and has previously tweeted about the Library of Congress’ extensive comic book collection.

“I learned to read and write English reading comics as a kid. Never stopped reading,” Garcia, whose family immigrated from Peru, told Buzzfeed News.

He’ll represent California’s 42nd district, which stretches inland from Long Beach through multiple south Los Angeles suburbs. Garcia was previously mayor of Long Beach.

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