Alton Mills, 54, a former crack cocaine dealer whose life sentence was commuted by Obama in 2015 has now been charged with attempted murder after allegedly shooting a woman in a Chicago expressway.

Mills was charged with three different attempted murder charges after he allegedly shot a woman passenger in a car traveling on the I-57 on-ramp in Illinois.

The woman who was shot is in severe condition and law enforcement officers have already declared her brain dead.

Mills previously served a 22-year sentence on crack cocaine conspiracy charges but was granted clemency by Obama in 2015.

Per NBC 5 Chicago:

A suburban man whose federal life sentence was commuted by then-President Obama in 2015 has been charged with three counts of attempted murder in connection with a recent shooting on Interstate 57.

Alton Mills, 54, of Evergreen Park, is being held without bond at the Cook County Jail, Illinois State Police said in a news release on Friday. Mills was arrested for a shooting that occurred on Sunday near the I-57 northbound entrance ramp from 147th Street in Posen, according to authorities.

Multiple shots were fired into the victim’s vehicle from the suspect’s vehicle, striking the back seat passenger, according to police. That person was taken to an area hospital with life-threatening injuries.

After he was commuted by Obama, Mills took a trip to the Capitol and was treated like a celebrity

Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren even wrote a long paragraph celebrating his release and touted him as a non-violent criminal.


Obama and every other Democrat that cheerleaded for Mills to be released have not released any statements regarding the violent crime.

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