This is not a trick. The of Halloween treats is way up in 2022.

For example, the price of Skittles has increased 42% from last year, according to analysis from Datasembly

And if you want a juicy Starburst blast, be prepared to pay 32% more.

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Rising candy costs for consumers

Americans will spend $3.1 billion on candy this Halloween. But thanks to soaring inflation, candy — like pretty much everything else these days — is more expensive. Take a look at these , courtesy of Axios:

Candy isn’t even being spared from the supply chain woes. Starburst, which is made by Mars Wrigley, gets its sugar from the Caribbean, but hurricane season caused delays in the transport of goods.

But despite the surge in candy cost, American consumers still plan on taking a big sugary bite. According to a survey from the National Confectioners Association, 82% of Americans will celebrate Halloween this year, and they’re expected to shell out 48% more for candy.

Anticipating the surge, companies such as Walmart and Lowes prepared for Halloween by ordering more products and stocking the shelves early.

Inflation be darned. Trick-or-treaters are sweet on candy.

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