Last night Hunter Biden’s attorney sent three letters to various entities regarding the Hunter Biden laptop. Hunter’s attorney’s asked his father Joe Biden’s corrupt DOJ to investigate Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Hunter Biden’s attorney’s called on the Attorney General and Delaware’s AG to go after John Paul Mac Isaac, Rudy Giuliani, his attorney Robert Costello, Stephen K. Bannon, Garrett Ziegler, Jack Maxey and Yaacov Apelbaum.

On Thursday night John Paul Mac Isaac went on with Tucker Carlson.

During their discussion, John Paul Mac Isaac’s attorney Brian Della Rocca told Tucker that Hunter called on the Attorney General to investigate him only after John Paul sued Hunter Biden last week.

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This was not previously known.

So Hunter’s response to the lawsuit against him was to call on his daddy’s DOJ to go after the computer repairman. Tucker Carlson compared the situation to Saddam’s regime and his brutal sons who spread terror across Baghdad.

Brian Della Rocca: When I read the letters I was appalled. This is really someone with so much money, or acting like they have a lot of money, going after someone who is really the little guy. And he’s doing it on purpose. He’s trying to intimidate and it’s interesting to me that this happened when it did. Because as you may know we filed a lawsuit against numerous parties, CNN, Politico, but one of the parties is Hunter Biden. It was very difficult to find where he was. He was in DC for a couple weeks. And he was moving around. Well, we finally tracked him down and were able to serve him last week.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight.

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