Joe Biden on Monday traveled to Baltimore, Maryland to discuss how his Infrastructure Law will fund the replacement of the 150-year-old Baltimore and Potomac Tunnel.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg joined Joe Biden in Baltimore.

Biden once again told the debunked story about the Amtrak worker Angelo Negri who used to grab his cheek and shout, “Joey Babbbyyyyy!”

This is one of Biden’s favorite lies.

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Biden claims he used to take the train to see his dying mother during his “fourth or fifth year as Vice President” when the Amtrak conductor pointed out that Biden had traveled 1.3 million miles on AF2 and 1.5 million miles on that train.

Joe Biden’s mom died in 2010 and the Amtrak conductor, Angelo retired in 1993 – 22 years before Joe Biden hit 1 million miles on AF2.

This is at least the eighth time Joe Biden has repeated this lie in the last couple years.

Joe Biden is a pathological liar.


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