2A People: Byron Donalds, Beth Van Duyne, Ronny Jackson, Lauren Boebert and Dana Loesch

MAGA firebrand Lauren Boebert defied the Democrat’ Venezuela fraud machine in Colorado to pull ahead in her race for the House of Representatives, so of course expect more shenanigans and a race that drags out for weeks.

While left-wing media are quick to call any race once the Democrat candidate pulls ahead, Lauren Boebert currently leading by 1100 votes in Colorado’ 3rd Congressional District means weeks of recounts. Of course.

“The margin of Boebert’s lead is within recount territory under Colorado election laws”, Fox News reported. “The state conducts a mandatory recount if the margin of victory is within half a percentage point, and in the most recent tally on Saturday, Boebert led with 50.17% of the vote to Frisch’s 49.83%. A recount in the race could take several weeks to complete. Under Colorado law, the recount must be completed 35 days after the general election, which would be Dec. 13 this year.”

“As this race comes down to every last vote, I need you to help us ensure we have the resources to finish what we started!” Boebert tweeted on Friday. “I told you all year, the Left would do everything that they possibly could to get rid of me,” she added.

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