Life After Lockup star Chance Pitt‘s relationship with Tayler George is on the line. His lies and sneaky ways have caught up to him. She knows he is up to no good and she decides to take matters into her own hands, and when she does, things escalate fast.

Life After Lockup: Chance Pitt Gets Busted for Being Shady

Tayler George is tired of Chance Pitt’s lies and deceit. The Life After Lockup couple is struggling. The only thing is he hides so much from her that she has no clue just how bad things are.

So, she decides to find out what her fiancé needs to hide. Everything about his actions can be found on his cell phone.

Life After Lockup: Tayler George
Life After Lockup: Tayler George – Image Credit: WEtv

Chance Pitt is very protective of his phone. This is something else Tayler finds odd. She knows if she wants to find out what is going on she needs to get into his phone.

As soon as he gets into the shower, she grabs the phone and begins sifting through his information, but she gets more of a shock than she expected.

Not only does she of Life After Lockup find out all about their money problems, but she also discovers he is shadier than she imagined.

Chance Snaps When WEtv Fiance Goes Through his Phone

Tayler knows that Chance is up to no good, but according to the text messages she reads he could be cheating on her as well. This is not something she is willing to take from her Life After Lockup boyfriend.

They are supposed to be engaged. They are expecting their baby anytime now. Her emotions are already out of control, but this information sends her over the edge.

Even though he is the one who is doing Tayler wrong, he snaps at her when he finds his phone missing. When he storms into the room screaming at her for his phone, she “can’t believe his nerve.”

She knew he would panic once he found out she went through the phone. However, to take an attitude when he is the one doing her wrong is not okay with her.

Life After Lockup: Tayler George puts Chance in his Place?

From day one of their relationship Chance tried to control Life After Lockup‘s Tayler. He made all the decisions about removing her sister Bobbi George from their home.

He controlled their finances, making every decision on his own, he even forced her into a paternity test to prove the baby she is carrying is his.

Life After Lockup: Chance Pitt
Life After Lockup: Chance Pitt – Image Credit: WEtv

She says it has been all about what he wants from the start. But now the WEtv star is ready to take back some of her power.

Now that she is aware of what her Life After Lockup partner is up to, she has a big surprise in store for him. So, she sends him a strong message by clearing his belongings from their home and setting fire to them in the backyard.

When Chance sees she is serious it makes him nervous. He realizes he may have pushed her too far. He wanted to keep their finances separate so all the bills he has incurred are on him. His credit has tanked. But if she boots him from the house, he has no one to turn to.

Life is starting to take a scary turn for Life After Lockup‘s Chance Pitt. He knows if he doesn’t smooth things over with Tayler George, he will be in serious trouble very soon.

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