Love After Lockup couple Nathan Tracy and Skylar Rackley‘s relationship could be in jeopardy. They both want to make their relationship work.

They know it is going to take a lot of time and honesty. However, he is keeping secrets from his girlfriend. The stress is starting to wear him down, and fans fear he could buckle under that pressure at any moment.

Love After Lockup: Nathan Tracy Feels Guilty About Skylar

Nathan Tracy of Love After Lockup carries a huge burden around with him. He can’t shake his guilty feelings over his girlfriend, Skylar Rackley, being sent back to prison. He says he knows he is partially responsible for it. However, she is as much to blame as he is.

Love After Lockup: Nathan Tracy

To Nathan, Skylar is everything. There is nothing he won’t do to please her. Because he feels guilty over the situation between them that got her sent back to prison, he is willing to go above and beyond to make her happy.

During his confessional, he says he wants to forget the past and move forward. However, that would be much easier if he wasn’t constantly reminded by Skylar Rackley and her family members that he is to blame.

Love After Lockup: Will Nathan Fold Skylar Rackley’s under Pressure?

Before Skylar was released from prison, he says he worked endlessly to prepare things for her return home. He tried to go out and buy things he thought she would like for the home they would share.

As a result, Nathan says he has a lot of anxiety. He understands that they were raised in very different environments. Her family had more money, and because of that, she is used to specific standards.

Love After Lockup: Skylar Rackley

The Love After Lockup star knows he didn’t make the money she is accustomed to. So this is making it hard to please her. He is stressing out about making ends meet.

Even the necessities will be demanding. This is putting all the pressure on him. He knows, given time, he will get everything figured out. But, until then, the stress is starting to take its toll.

She worries about how her boyfriend is behaving and begins questioning his sobriety. Skylar fears he could fold under all the pressure he is putting himself under, which is a considerable concern.

WEtv Couple Have a Long Road Ahead of Them?

Skylar Rackley says her biggest fear is Nathan Tracy may relapse. Both are recovering drug addicts. The Love After Lockup star admits she doesn’t know how she is still alive.

During the height of her drug addictions, she says she used between $600-$700 of Fentanyl per day. She states Nathan’s drug of choice was also Fentanyl.

One wrong move from either of them could find her heading back to prison. There is also something else she does not know. He has the same fear about her relapsing.

WEtv viewers think Skylar Rackley and Nathan Tracy are moving too fast. They think the pair should have taken more time to work on themselves before combining every aspect of their lives.

Love After Lockup viewers are skeptical about whether this couple will last. However, they add that it won’t come as a shock if one or both relapse.

They hope that after everything Skylar has been through with her exes overdosing, his aunt’s fear of him becoming the third doesn’t come true. But, it is going to be a long road ahead of them. Do you believe Nathan, Skylar, or both, may relapse?

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