Earlier today The Gateway Pundit reported that Lauren Boebert was defeated in her rural Colorado district.

Boebert ran against a slimeball Democrat who was caught having an affair in a storage locker.

Here We Go… Ultra MAGA Lauren Boebert Loses Rural Colorado Seat to Slimebag Leftist Who Was Caught Having an Affair inside a Storage Locker

But this may have been premature…

Republican representative Lauren Boebert has just made a major comeback in Colorado’s District 3 race.

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After previously trailing her Democratic opponent Adam Frisch by 3,500 votes earlier in the day, Boebert is now down by only 62 votes.

Per the New York Times, Boebert currently sits at 154,060 votes compared to Frisch’s 154,122.


Democrats previously touted a premature victory for Frisch on Twitter.

Take a look:

As of right now, 95% of the vote is in, so there’s a good chance that the last 5% is a big dump for Boebert.

It’s not over until every last vote is counted!

We’ll keep you updated as the race progresses.

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