January 17, 2023

Making Food for My Dogs

So many of you comment on how much you appreciate my blogs giving step-by-step instructions on how I make dog food for my two French Bulldogs, Bête Noire and Crème Brûlée, and my two Chow Chows, Empress Qin and Emperor Han.

Every few weeks, I set aside time to make my dogs a good supply of home-cooked food. Preparing my own dog food has many benefits – fewer preservatives and additives, more varied and better ingredients and, of course, more of what I know my dogs will enjoy. I also know the food is from wholesome, organic, reputable, and local sources – that is very important to me. Last week, we took photos of some of the great shops near my home here in Westchester, New York. And over the weekend, I prepared a giant batch of food filled with excellent quality chicken, fish, pork, quinoa, and a variety of vegetables.

Enjoy these photos.


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