As a multi-millionaire, real estate mogul, and Shark Tank veteran, Barbara Corcoran is no stranger to lavish properties and expensive real estate.

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But what many don’t know (yet might expect) is that Corcoran owns quite the luxe accommodation herself in the heart of Manhattan, and recently shared a tour with the TikTok channel that’s known for touring apartments “on the spot.”

The channel, run by interviewer Caleb Simpson, stopped Corcoran in the street over the weekend before asking her how much she pays for the apartment and whether or not viewers could come inside in a clip that’s been viewed over 26.8 million times.

Corcoran delightfully agreed while sharing that though she owns the apartment, she pays $10,000 a month just on maintenance.

According to a 2020 interview with CNBC, it was estimated that Corcoran’s apartment cost her $13 million to purchase.

The real estate star says she’s lived in her unit for four years, taking viewers through a grand room flooded with natural light that she says she calls the living room, though she admits she doesn’t know exactly what the room is.

Viewers are then taken to a butler’s pantry and a child’s bedroom before heading up a grand staircase that leads to an upper level that boasts another living room and Corcoran’s favorite part of the home — a grand terrace, which she says has been half covered by scaffolding for the majority of the time she’s taken residence in the unit.

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Corcoran has one piece of her terrace with open views that reveal a picturesque view of New York City.

“This is the part where I begged the guy ‘please don’t put up scaffolding, just leave me this little piece’,” Corcoran explained. “The real reason I bought the apartment is because of the terrace and the view.”

Simpson and Corcoran then walk back inside to reveal the guest room and massive kitchen with an entire wall’s worth of windows.

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“I sit here every day and think to myself, how lucky am I? Never, ever did I think I would have such a pretty kitchen,” she admits to viewers.

The pair then head back inside to see Corcoran’s master bedroom and enviable shoe closet before the real estate mogul drops an unbelievable bomb about how she scored the unit.

“I was working as a messenger 26 years ago. I came, I delivered a package, I saw the view out of her door right there,” Corcoran explains while pointing to the main kitchen window. “And I said if you ever sell this ma’am, would you sell it to me? She called me 26 years later.”

Talk about fate!

Corcoran’s net worth is currently an estimated $100 million.

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