The Pittsburgh Pirates have announced that they have acquired Ji-Man Choi from the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays are getting minor league pitcher Jack Hartman in return. Choi will most likely be the team’s full-time starting first baseman.

Ji-Man Choi spent more than four seasons in Tampa Bay. He’ll immediately give the Pirates a boost in the offense. They’ve had a hard time trying to replace Josh Bell after they traded him to the Washington Nationals in 2020.

Pittsburgh Pirates fans are more than pleased with the signing. They’re ready for their team to get competitive after years of mediocrity. It hasn’t been fun being a Pirates fan the last couple of seasons as they’ve been trying to rebuild.

While this isn’t a blockbuster trade, fans think Choi will be a great everyday player for them. He’s a proven veteran who doesn’t seem to feel pressure. He can help a lot of young Pirate players out as they are just beginning their careers.

“We actually made a good trade?!?” one fan said excitingly.

“Best team in the Central,” said another.


The move seems to have surprised Pittsburgh fans. They’re not used to their team making moves to better the team. They’re used to the front office getting rid of any player that gives the Pirates a chance at success.

Fans have high expectations for their team now. They’re ready for the team to take control of the NL Central, a division that seems to be up for grabs every year. Ji-Man Choi is the perfect piece for the Pirates who are ready to start winning baseball games.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are going in the right direction

Pittsburgh Pirates v Cincinnati Reds Game 1
Pittsburgh Pirates v Cincinnati Reds Game 1

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been in the process of rebuilding for quite some time. They haven’t had a winning season since 2018 when they were barely over .500.

The last time Pittsburgh made the postseason was in 2015 when they faced the Chicago Cubs in the Wild Card. Their last postseason win came in 2013 when they won a Wild Card Game to advance to the NLDS.

They have been drafting, acquiring, and molding prospects into their system. We have already seen some of them in action, like Oneil Cruz

Cruz was eye-popping for the Pirates last season. He gave the fans a lot to look forward to in regards to the team’s future.

The Pittsburgh Pirates could surprise a lot of baseball fans over the next few seasons, given their talent and prospects.

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