Sister Wives star Christine Brown looks as if she’s counting too much on her TLC reality series fame these days and fans are coming out of the woodwork to tell her so.

As the first woman to jump ship first, the mom of six gained a lot of attention. She spent the first two decades sharing a husband with two women. Then the last decade had her sharing him with three women. But today she’s loving her solo life.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Dives Head First Into Dry Pool?

Christine Brown joins the other women who have left Kody Brown by working their own money-making ventures. Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown seem to supplement their Sister Wives’ salaries by selling or promoting products.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

From selling clothing to promoting a healthy drink to help lose weight, they’re not hard to find online. Some fans had a problem with the Sister Wives becoming so commercial. But many others applaud them for earning their own way in life.

But now some fans say that Christine Brown has gone too far. Sure, she’s more popular than ever these days since her split. But some of her Sister Wives fans are feeling a bit jilted by her latest endeavor online.

Christine in Her Glory When in the Kitchen

For over a decade of Sister Wives seasons, fans watched as the camera honed in on something Christine Brown cooked up for the family. Many were just in amazement at the amount of food she needed to put on the table when Kody Brown’s kids ate together.

Others loved her out-of-the-box thinking when it came to recipes. Then five of her six kids grew up and left the nest, all except for Truely Brown. But now Christine seems to perfect her cooking skills. She’s good at it, enough so that TLC gave her a digital cooking show, Cooking with Just Christine.

Because this format is far from what the Sister Wives show offers, it didn’t grab an exorbitant amount of viewers. But Christine kept on plugging by cooking delectable delights each week. So, despite not accumulating a mass of fans like their reality show, she did, however, manage to collect a loyal bunch who followed her new online show. But now many of those fans are peeved.

Sister Wives: Fans Walk Away with Sour Palates

Christine’s cooking show now costs money to view. Fans who recently turned in were asked to subscribe to her weekly food preparations. So, while they had no problem with signing up, they did have a problem when they were told this would cost them.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

To view Christine Brown making everything from meatloaf to pretzels will now cost you $4.99. This new added cost discouraged quite a few of her loyal followers. Many compared her to Meri Brown, who right now is trying to sell a four-day, three-night retreat at her bed and breakfast inn.

Sure, Sister Wives fans expect Meri’s venture to cost something since you are sleeping and eating there. But they became bowled over when they eyed the price tag. The retreat packages Meri has advertised start at $4,000 and top off at $6,000.

That’s the price per person and the lower-priced package doesn’t guarantee you a private room. Despite spending $4,000, you may need to share your bedroom with a stranger, who is another guest.

The highest price package gives you extra time and activities with Meri Brown herself. Some fans think this is exploiting fame to the limits.

Empty Rooms and Dark Screens Predicted for Meri Brown and Christine

Many fans predict that retreat won’t have many takers if any at all in today’s economy. With that said, Christine’s subscription price is a drop in the bucket in comparison. Today many Sister Wives followers believe Meri and Christine are not about giving back to fans but about “all about money.”

So, some fans chimed in that they can’t afford the five bucks Christine requested. But others were appalled at the fact that she now charges for something they originally watched for free. With that said, they refuse to pay. So, predictions of an empty retreat now follow predictions of a cooking show going belly up. Some fans just tuned in to Christine’s show out of support for the newly single mom.

There you have it, some viewers think that making money trumps fan loyalty today for these two Sister Wives ladies. So, it could be that Christine Brown just leaped into an empty pool, counting on her fame to float her along? Some fans of the TLC show think so.

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