Sister Wives star Christine Brown says she is happier than she has been in years. She is glad that her marriage to her ex-Kody Brown is behind her. But even though the two have parted ways, there is still tons of Brown family drama.

Some TLC fans think she did not get to say everything she was feeling or thinking during the former couple’s marriage. So, is she still looking to get a few things off her chest, one way or another?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Poking Fun at Kody Brown?

Is Christine’s distaste for lemonade her way of taking a swipe at Kody? Some fans think so. During Season 17 of Sister Wives, one episode shows Kody and another now ex-wife, Janelle Brown, out to dinner.

The two were trying to work through some of their marital issues. But, the discussion was not what the viewers paid attention to.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

What the fans say they find strange is his excessive amount of lemon wedges on the table. It quickly became a huge topic of conversation.

Before the episode was even over, the words Kody Brown Lemon was trending on social media. Some fans were calling out the reality star, some calling him cheap, for ordering water and sliced lemons to make his lemonade.

So, when she recently referred to the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” her fans immediately thought of Kody.

Sister Wives: Christine Finds Lemonade Disgusting

Christine’s photo shows the Sister Wives star participating in one of her favorite activities, baking. However, many TLC fans feel there was more behind the comment than meets the eye.

After referencing the lemonade saying, Christine adds that she finds “lemonade disgusting,” so she prefers to make a lemon cake.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown


Sister Wives: Christine Brown

So, is this Christine’s way of letting Kody know she finds everything about him these days disgusting? Her social media followers enjoyed the snarky comment and added a few of their own. At the same time, others were interested in asking when they could expect a cookbook.

TLC Fans Call for Spin-off Series Featuring Exes

Season 17 of Sister Wives and the Tell-All left a bad taste in many reality fans’ mouths. They say they have seen Kody’s true colors and, in the future, would prefer to tune into TLC to see a spin-off series featuring Christine and Janelle Brown. They believe the two would be a lot of fun to watch.

The Sister Wives viewers also say they would find Janelle and Christine navigating single life more interesting than Kody and Robyn Brown. Would they make for an exciting pair for a Sister Wives reality series spin-off? Also, was Christine’s lemonade dig directed at Kody?

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