Sister Wives star Christine Brown reportedly finds herself in hot water just as the new season start date of the TLC series is revealed. Despite not being the one to leak the Season 18 debut date, she spoke about a few things that the network may frown upon.

Plus, her new boyfriend showed up in her social media posts with the camera crew all around. But now it looks like there’s a problem with putting David Woolley onscreen during the upcoming new season.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Goes Too Far?

Christine Brown is a fan favorite these days. Viewers support her for leaving her polygamous lifestyle after almost 30 years of sharing her husband Kody Brown. Today, she gushes over her new boyfriend every chance she gets.

Usually, the Sister Wives family keeps many aspects of their lives quiet during the filming hiatus. This is due to a non-disclose agreement they sign with TLC. They are not allowed to disclose any of the stuff they’ve filmed or are about to film for upcoming episodes.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown
Sister Wives: Christine Brown — Image Credit: Instagram

But the latest reports put Christine saying too much about what’s going on in her life. She introduced David to fans on social media. She teased them first, telling her Sister Wives’ followers that she met someone.

Then she went on to say she’s in an exclusive relationship and promised she’d divulge more down the line. But she didn’t wait. Within a blink of an eye, David Woolley’s pictures showed up on her posts.

This, supposedly, had the Sister Wives production team not happy with Christine. It seems she’s sharing the stuff they wanted to reveal on the show.

Christine’s New Beau Not in Time?

Recently Sister Wives fans got a glimpse of David Woolley at her house with the camera crew in the background. So, they assumed he’d become part of the next season. Christine also revealed that she’s filming at her new home in Utah for Season 18.

So, getting the chance to see Christine interacting with the “love of her life” sparked a lot of interest from fans. They thought for sure David would be part of the next season.

But now it seems the latest info has David missing from the upcoming Sister Wives seasonIt’s almost like he’s been plucked off the screen after fans got the tease of seeing him with the TLC camera crew in a recent post.

Sister Wives filming is almost continuous. So, when they have enough, it looks as if they cap it off and send it out as a season. While the new boyfriend was filmed, it looks as if his screen time might have been removed and held for Season 19..

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - David Woolley
Sister Wives: Christine Brown & David Woolley — Image Credit: Instagram

Christine and Kody Brown’s son, Paedon Brown, recently revealed that production is about a year behind the filming. He also said that David won’t be in Season 18.

That’s because they filmed the upcoming season so long ago. But with the TLC cameras at Christine’s house and David there as they film, this seemingly confirms yet another one coming after Season 18.

Sister Wives: Frustration Sets In as Start Date Leaks Out

The big leak about the new season start date also came from Paedon Brown. While fans were hoping to see Sister Wives come back this spring or summer, it looks like that’s not the case.

According to Paedon Brown, the new season won’t air until sometime in September. So, it looks like the Sister Wives fans waiting to see David and Christine together have a long wait.

It also sounds as if there are at least another six months before you get to see new episodes of the series as well since the new season rolls out on the cusp of Autumn.

By the time you get to see Christine Brown and David Woolley together on the screen, their relationship could be in year three. So, there you have it, it looks like Sister Wives rolls out in September, making this quite the time delay.

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