Sister Wives star Kody Brown could probably sell tickets to the fans of his TLC series, so they can watch his reaction to the new photos and the new video posted online. They say that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone Fans think the father of 18 might be feeling that way today.

Sister Wives: Fans Wonder How Kody Brown Takes David Woolley Riding In

Over the weekend no one knows what Kody Brown did as he lives in a much smaller Sister Wives world today. Gone are three of his four wives as well as their children. But while he seems missing in action when it comes to any kind of news, two of his exes made headlines for enjoying life today.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Truely Brown
Sister Wives: Kody Brown – Truely Brown | TLC

Christine Brown and her soon-to-be groom had all kinds of adventures over the weekend. Janelle Brown joined her ex-co-wife and from the look of their posts, these two Sister Wives moms had a ball. Plus they each shared this adventure with their youngest daughters.

For some fans, it was more like Kody who? He seemed easily forgotten as they watched a video of David Woolley entertaining two of Kody’s ex-wives and their daughters.

Janelle Brown Screams as Christine Brown Gushes In Pride – Away from Kody Who?

David Woolley took Kody Brown’s exes, his second and third wives, on a real adventure. As Christine writes online, “We went RZR riding with a couple of special guests this weekend!”

Yes, Christine and David took Janelle and Savanah Brown RZR riding. In the video below you can hear Janelle screaming as it looked like a pretty intense ride. She sat in the back seat with Savanah. Then there’s Christie in the passenger seat, as the co-pilot for David.

She was gushing with pride as this type of family togetherness is all she ever wanted from her Sister Wives ex-husband. But she wouldn’t see him for weeks at a time right before she dropped him like a hot potato.

Then came the other pictures making headlines from this big adventure. Truely Brown, Christine’s youngest child, went climbing up what her mom called a “hill.” But after the Sister Wives fans got a gander at this hill, they called it a cliff.

Truely climbed up but couldn’t get down. She was frightened, but Christine gushes as she passed along the story to the fans. It turned out just fine as David Woolley came to the rescue.

Sister Wives Fans Size Up the Rescue of Truely Brown

Sister Wives fans seem amazed at the difference between Christine’s new love and Kody. For many reasons, the fans drew contrasts between the two in several different areas. But for this incident, they compared the fathering skills of the Sister Wives patriarch against this new man in Truely’s life.

David saw that this future stepdaughter looked scared, so he climbed up after her. Very calmly and with a lot of compassion, he coaxed her into getting down herself as he stayed right alongside her for her climb back down, so she would feel safe.

Fans brought up the time that Kody insisted on Truely learning to ride a bike. She didn’t want to do it but Kody pushed her. He seemed to lose his patience with her during this scene on the Sister Wives show. Fans suggest that her father appeared to lack the patience that the new man in his daughter’s life showed when helping her down from the steep incline.

Sister Wives: David Woolley - Truely Brown
Sister Wives: David Woolley – Truely Brown / Instagram

Anyway, both these Sister Wives stars shared their photos with the fans online. Here is another man doing all types of fun stuff with Kody Brown’s kids. The same kids that their moms complained about Kody having a lack of time to see.

Fans Would Love to See Kody’s Reaction

So, fans of this TLC show got online to express how they’d love to be a fly on the wall at Kody’s house when he gets his first look at the video and photos from their family weekend.

Kody is a guy who always said family comes first. So, he has to be at least a little taken aback by what he’s missing.  Especially now that another man has taken over some dad duties for Kody Brown.

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