Sister Wives star Janelle Brown doesn’t sugarcoat her take on Robyn Brown in the next and final installment of the TLC series One-on-One. The finale of this season airs Sunday night with the wives and Kody in a Tell-All mode.

But it looks as if the show saved the most jaw-dropping tidbits for last. Starting with what Janelle Brown has to say about the youngest wife of the once tightly-knit plural marriage.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown’s Hands Not Clean

While Robyn Brown continues to defend herself against the homewrecker comments, it looks like her ex-co-wives sing another tune. So far, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown both point to the fourth wife as causing some problems within their plural marriage.

Meri Brown didn’t say anything about the youngest wife’s part in her marriage failing. But last week the Sister Wives fans saw Meri as an unknowing victim of Robyn’s silence.

It seemed Robyn knew all about Christine allegedly raging over Kody Brown suggesting he may reboot his marriage to Meri. But Meri knew nothing at all about this.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Janelle Brown

When Christine was questioned, she said she didn’t do it. But Robyn said she was there when it happened. Yet, she didn’t tell Meri, who was supposedly like a best friend. So, fans see Robyn as owning a piece of the downfall of the Sister Wives family. And Janelle seems to back this up.

The lack of filling-in Meri seemed only to perpetuate the first wife’s estrangement from Kody. So, from what Janelle says next week on the One-on-One, Robyn’s hands aren’t clean of this mess.

Janelle Brown Mocks Robyn

Janelle claims she is tired of “counselor Robyn” during the final Sister Wives One-on-One episode. She mocks Robyn’s approach to Kody. Janelle is tired of watching his youngest wife show sympathy for his pain over Christine leaving him.

As Janelle says, this split has been festering for a long time. But yet Janelle points out he acts so surprised by it. Plus, that pain Kody supposedly feels most likely doesn’t compare to what his third wife went through.

The Sister Wives patriarch caused enough pain for Christine to leave him. But that’s not how Kody sees it, suggests Janelle Brown.

She also shares in Sunday’s final episode of the season that Robyn is “placating” Kody. So, it sounds as if Janelle sees Robyn Brown as playing a part in Kody’s approach to his wives. Kody demanded an apology from his sons, over Papa Brown feeling disrespect.

Janelle said this also included Kody wanting her sons to apologize to Robyn as well. So, Janelle said this was unfair. She also said that her boys felt just as rejected as Kody claims he and Robyn felt.

Sister Wives: Janelle the Voice of Reason?

Janelle suggested that Kody Brown saw himself as a victim. But it also sounded like she saw Robyn as helping him get to that point. She definitely pointed out that she’s had it with Kody’s youngest wife acting like a counselor.

Janelle Brown is often considered the voice of reason among the Sister Wives adults by the fans. She rarely has a negative thing to say about anybody, especially her family members. But it looks like she’s at her breaking point as Robyn seems to feed into Kody’s vision that he’s a victim of betrayal.

Like Janelle says in the latest spoiler clip, Christine’s split was coming for a long time. So, all this talk about her springing it on Kody doesn’t make sense.

Wife number four became angry that Christine just decided to leave without even talking about it first. But according to Janelle Brown, there was nothing sudden about this. So, the Sister Wives viewers saw enough on screen to surmise that Robyn Brown played a part in Kody’s attitude.

Even before Janelle Brown suggests his youngest wife placated her shared husband, fans saw the writing on the wall. And it was all headed in one way. That’s in the direction of the demise of this TLC reality show family.

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