Sister Wives star Kody Brown is already down one wife since Christine Brown left. He also has a hard time keeping Janelle Brown happy these days.

TLC fans say they think she is getting frustrated with her living circumstances, and it is causing the couple to have issues. He says he wants to make his marriage work. but some fans feel he has an ulterior motive behind it.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Makes More of An Effort with Janelle Brown?

Fans say Kody from Sister Wives is having a tough time getting over Christine Brown leaving him. It is putting a significant strain on his other relationships. Especially with his spiritual wife, Janelle Brown.

So, to keep her happy, he is making more of an effort. However, TLC fans know Kody has said he doesn’t consider himself in love with his other wives except for Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Viewers know that Janelle Brown carries a huge role in the family. For years she has been playing a crucial part as a contributing family breadwinner.

A recent episode of Sister Wives shows that Janelle played a significant role financially in Kody and Robyn purchasing their home.

Now that she is pushing Kody to get construction going at Coyote Pass more, her frustration with him is showing. Since things are not going according to plans on the property. She tells him she wants to move into town and rent an apartment. But he is not on board with this idea.

Does Janelle or Kody Make More Money?

Longtime followers of Sister Wives know his first three wives, Meri Brown, Janelle, and Christine, have earned most of the family money. His wife, Robyn, had no apparent source of income. Yet she has a nanny. That is something Christine finds irritating.

Even when Christine stayed at home for years, she raised all of her children and Janelle’s children. This freed Janelle up for a successful and profitable real estate career.

Since he no longer considers Meri his wife, fans believe he needs to keep her happy, so she continues contributing to the family finances.

Reports state that the family has made more than $3 million over the years from the Sister Wives’ TLC reality series. However, that breaks down to about $375,000 a year.

This is not a lot when it sustains a family of twenty. Per a previous report, Kody makes most of his earnings from the family reality series.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

However, she has a variety of income streams. Besides the reality series, she also earns a living as a health coach.

She also sells a variety of health-related merchandise, such as water bottles, watches, pedometers, and clothing. She is also active on Cameo sending out personalized greetings and messages to her fans for a fee of $35.

In addition to her solo side hustles, she has teamed up with Christine Brown to share wellness advice and products on their joint Instagram account, The Secret to Self-Care.

Sister Wives: Will the TLC Couple Stay Together?

Some Sister Wives viewers feel he is getting nervous. They believe he is afraid that if she should decide to follow in Christine’s footsteps and leave him, it could destroy him financially. But fans feel his attempt to smooth things over with her is too late.

Last season she began expressing doubts about her future with Kody. She is also expressing a more vocal and independent side this season.

This week’s episode will show her frustration continues to grow. She is making decisions on her own about her life, and he is having a hard time accepting this.

So, when he comes to her with the idea to buy Christine’s house, she is livid. He tells her she is not “thinking like an entrepreneur.” But she is not having it.

She angrily tells him that she wants her own house. Things are about to come to a head between Janelle Brown and Kody Brown. Will she finally call it quits and move on like Christine? Sister Wives airs Sunday on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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