Sister Wives star Kody Brown seems to be in the center of a storm, one that opened up and poured awful tidings upon the spouses of their plural marriage. But these blurbs don’t come from outsiders or viewers of the TLC series. No, instead they start with the patriarch and trickle down to the women he married through the years.

Sister Wives: When Claws Come Out, Kody Brown Cuts the Deepest?

It seems Kody Brown and his four spouses kept a lot under wraps in the past. Sure, they had problems that surfaced on the show. But now, they seem to stoop to a new level as they rip each other apart.

And no one seems immune to accusations the Sister Wives adults spout at each other. They aim these allegations almost like any barriers against speaking out instantaneously crumbled.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown -Janelle Brown

Fans suggest that Kody Brown seems to act as the ringleader in this. When one of the women hears what he said during his session of the One-on-One Tell-All segment, it is usually painful.

Like when he said he no longer considers himself married to Meri Brown. This came as a surprise to his first wife on the Sister Wives Tell-All.

He also said he married Christine Brown and Janelle Brown to help defuse Meri, who wasn’t the wife he wanted from the get-go.

He laughed when saying that marrying Christine had to do with his ego. That’s because Kody thought he looked “cool” with three wives within his church.

Kody Goes Too Far With Dog Thing?

Kody has a vast array of insults ready to sling that really upset the fans. He fired off some harsh digs at his former spouses. He claimed both Janelle and Christine couldn’t wait to marry into his Sister Wives family.

Then he did an imitation of a dog panting. That’s how Kody Brown decided to demonstrate their alleged desperation to marry him. Viewers jumped on social media to bash Kody over that. Many comments are similar to the one below.

Robyn Brown described herself as Kody’s “whipping boy.” That’s because she feels she takes the blame from the other spouses for anything Kody says.

So, Robyn not only blames the other women for targeting her, she also claims they took her Sister Wives life away from her.

Robyn seemed to say she was spreading kindness but then threw Christine and Meri under the bus. She claims she knew that Christine got upset a while back because Kody considered rekindling things with Meri.

Then she further suggests that this interference kept Kody away from his first wife. If Robyn knew this all along, why didn’t she tell her so-called bestie, Meri?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Says They’re Lying

Christine calls it a lie after hearing these allegations that she stopped Kody from rebooting things with Meri. So, there are some backstabbing allegations emerging in the recent One-on-One episodes.

This Tell-All segment seemed to bring out the worst in Kody Brown — and his Sister Wives brides. Once again, Janelle Brown seemed to fans like the voice of reason.

But she, too, sounded appalled at Kody Brown’s claims that he made many sacrifices to love Christine. Meri also picked up on that and said no wife wants to hear that her husband made sacrifices to love them.

Kody claims that he took these women on out of the goodness of his heart. And so, he expected them to be compliant, which he claims they agreed to before he married them.

Fans Appalled at Love Not Multiplying

Watching the first two Sister Wives One-on-One episodes, fans were struck by the harsh digs from the spouses. Especially with what came out of Kody Brown’s mouth.

From the start of Sister Wives, the polygamous spouses set out to show the world that happiness existed in this family. Despite four women sharing one man, they wanted to show how well this lifestyle worked for them.

Or at least that is what viewers of the TLC show were first led to believe. Today, fans are amazed to hear what the spouses thought about each other — and what sounds like years of grudges and ill-feelings.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Well, it looks like the Sister Wives plural marriage now has three wives gone with only one hanging on to a life that she claims she didn’t want. But bowing out gracefully doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

Some fans suggest Kody Brown crafted snowballs of ill intent for the women to throw at each other. And things just keep getting chillier on each One-on-One episode. With two down and one to go, just how cold will it get?

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