Sister Wives star Meri Brown seemed to go dark online on the heels of allegations that she mistreated some of the Brown family kids when they were young.

The allegations came from Christine Brown and Kody Brown‘s son, Paedon Brown. But those allegations surfaced on social media as just one of the triple hits she navigated over the last week.

#1 Sister Wives: Meri Brown Heartfelt Split

Meri Brown kept her followers up to date with her thoughts often on Instagram. But it’s been almost a week since she posted anything. Her last post seemed rather sad to her fans.

It sounds as if her marriage demise leaked out with an “unapproved” press release. So, she followed this up by posting a blurb confirming her marriage is over. But both she and Kody Brown signed off on the post.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

She welcomes support from her fans but only if it comes with kindness. The first bride also appeals to the Sister Wives fans not to congratulate her on the end of her marriage. This is a sad occasion for her and something she’s not about to celebrate.

So, Meri Brown seemed to be already in a blue mood when a couple of allegations hit social media last week. Social media blew up after Paedon Brown’s interview with Mr. Yates was posted online. This is where one of the allegations originated.

#2 Allegations of Kids ‘Not Safe’ Around Meri Drop

Paedon Brown said Meri treated him and some of his siblings unkindly when they were kids. He claims it went “way beyond verbal abuse.” He also said he didn’t “feel safe” around the original Sister Wives matriarch.

Paedon also made it clear that he doesn’t like Robyn Brown. But he claims that a long-ago event saved him from “hating her.” That’s because he claims Robyn saw what Meri was doing back when he was about 12.

She intervened, and he alleges she possibly saved the lives of him and some of his siblings. Maddie Brown also touched on this a while back, suggesting that Meri acted like a monster when they were kids.

But it’s what Christine wrote in a book several years back that seems to add evidence to this. She claims she stayed quiet too long as she saw Meri mistreating her kids.

So, this all dredged up again this week for the original first wife of Kody Brown. Some fans think this is another reason she became quiet in the past week.

#3 Fans Suggest Intoxication

If her Sister Wives marriage dissolving and allegations of being a monster weren’t enough for Meri to shoulder last week, another event surfaced.

In her Friday’s with Friends segment online, it appeared to fans that Meri was intoxicated, which she denies. But you can see in the post below, Meri sounds as if she slurs her words and she seems a bit wobbly at times.

Her behavior caused the allegations of Meri being intoxicated to pile up online as fans watched this live segment.

This makes the third hit for Meri Brown in a week, all of which were likely not easy for her to hear. So, after almost a week without a social post, fans wonder what’s going on with the first Sister Wives bride.

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