Sister Wives star Meri Brown has fans calling her newest endeavor “insane” as they suggest she relies a lot on her TLC fame when it comes to raking in the money.

Meri is offering a retreat at her bed and breakfast establishment, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. But this four-day, three-night stay sets the guests back thousands of dollars.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Finally Got Her B&B

Meri Brown’s bed and breakfast looks quaint and homey, according to her fans who checked out the photos online. It offers bedrooms that are about the size of an average family home. There’s not much luxury involved, but it looks enticing, according to fan comments.

This is the house Meri Brown purchased a few years back. She wanted to fulfill her dream of opening a bed and breakfast.

This home was in her family for many generations, until it was sold to someone outside her family tree. But when that owner put it up for sale, Meri went after it. And after much ado, she got it.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives fans might remember the fiasco around this real estate purchase. Kody Brown retracted his offer to lend her the down payment out of the family funds.

So, Meri went and financed this all on her own. She was so proud of herself for branching out with her own business venture. Then, once she got it, the other Sister Wives brides and her shared husband were a bit taken aback that she wasn’t sharing this with the family.

It probably didn’t hurt that this Sister Wives celebrity owns the business when it came to its popularity. But Meri’s new offering of a February retreat dropped some jaws today. That’s once they got took a look at the price tag.

Price Is ‘Insane’ to TLC Viewers?

So why do Meri Brown’s Sister Wives fans think the cost for this retreat is “insane”? Likely because the price tag is $6,000 for the full package.

This includes four days and three nights at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. There are three different packages to choose from. The packages start off with the Supreme. Apparently, this is the economy package.

The Supreme package that Meri Brown advertises gives you the possibility of a private room, or you may need to share this room with another guest. The price for the Supreme package is $4,000. For $5,000, the Elite package offers a private room.

But if you want to shell out $6,000 you get the Elite-Plus package. This includes a private room, but you also get extra time and activities with the owner.

Yes, the celebrity includes herself in this retreat. Apparently, that time is worth paying another $1,000. This seems to be the only difference when compared to the $5,000 package.

Sister Wives: Fans Suggest Meri Puts a Lot of Stock in Herself

Besides offering her quaint country setting, Meri Brown plans activities for this retreat, which is taking place from February 16 to 19. Nothing is said about it being sold out or even if she filled some of the rooms, but she still has a few weeks to go.

Meri posted a bit of advertising online to entice her Sister Wives followers to head to Utah for this event. But the comments fans left after watching the video seem to say it all.

Chances are, they won’t be coming. This may be a familiar scenario for Meri, as one of her previous events seemed to flop with fans and may have left a little egg on her face.

Several fans made a case that Meri is out of touch with what’s going on today. Not many people have $6K to spend on a long weekend in Utah. Some people couldn’t even afford the gas to get there from a state away.

Then, if you bring a companion with you, well, you do the math. You would spend $8K to $12K for this retreat. Many of the comments were meant as wake-up calls for Meri.

Even though this retreat promotes giving yourself the love you deserve, it’s still too steep for many of the people who commented.

But most of all, people seemed to think that Meri Brown asked way too much out of her Sister Wives fame. Sure, fans of hers would love to spend time with her. But some people refuse to take out a second mortgage on their homes to do so.

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