Sister Wives star Meri Brown either found a way to turn her new single status into profit — or she’s got a successful publicity stunt going on. This is what the fans of the TLC show debate today. This happened after hearing her latest news.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Stepped In It

It doesn’t matter if Meri Brown was right or wrong as a wife. It makes no difference whether she and Kody got along during their decades-long plural marriage. That is when it comes to Kody Brown’s public shove-off. Many fans believe that she didn’t deserve his marriage exit strategy.

With that said, the way she found out that her marriage had ended was just awful. The host of the Sister Wives One-on-One episodes told Meri what Kody said. He dismissed his marriage to Meri Brown in this public TV program. This was the first Meri seemed to hear of this.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Fans were furious. After all those years, this was one horrendous way to get dumped. But they say to look for the silver lining. It looks like Meri Brown didn’t have to look too hard for that silver lining.

That dark cloud that Kody seemed to hang over her head had a sparkle inside. Some may say it even twinkled with a smidgen of gold as well as silver as going solo may have paid off for Meri.

Meri Brown Concocts Profitable Venture

The first wife of the Sister Wives clan started tongues wagging recently with her high-priced four-day retreat. She offers three different packages, $4,000, $5,000, and $6,000. This Sister Wives entrepreneur did another retreat a while back. The similar steep prices seemed to limit her paying guests for that weekend.

But Meri Brown heard backlash for the poor attendance, with many calling it a flop. So why would she think this time would be any different? Especially when she’s charging thousands of dollars in a cash-strapped culture today.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown
Sister Wives: Meri Brown – Image source: Instagram

Well, the latest reports say Meri sold out of some of the packages this time around. She also added something to the lesser-priced package as it sounds like she’s trying to make more room.

Instead of a room in Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, her B&B, where she’s holding this retreat, she offers a room nearby her bed and breakfast. So, it sounds as if Meri Brown could be adding more rooms as the retreat fills up.

It’s possible she’s booked hotel rooms in her area as her retreat seems to entice paying customers this time around. The website indicates that the $5,000 package is the only one left as the other two are sold out (see above).

Sister Wives: What Changed?

Two theories float around online today as to why this high-priced retreat is selling out. The first has to do with Meri’s status in life. Fans of the Sister Wives show watched as she learned about the demise of her marriage on national television.

So, a lot of attention came her way over this. Meri asked the Sister Wives fans to reframe from congratulating her over being free. Even though Kody severed matrimony ties, she wanted this marriage to last her entire lifetime.

But despite her request, fans everywhere were thrilled that she is now free of him and the kudos kept coming. With that said, one theory suggests this helped Meri gather customers for this high-priced retreat.

Fans think both Kody and Robyn Brown actually blindsided her. So fan sympathy for the original first wife poured out. Plus she is going to be there and she’ll spend time with the fans.

Another theory suggests these “sold out” messages are nothing more than publicity stunts to bring customers in. People always want what they can’t get, so maybe this is the case for the popular Sister Wives celeb.

Either way, it looks like Meri generated some attention with her latest retreat. And from the looks of her “sold out” packages, some say she’s making a killing financially with this rebooted venture.

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