Sister Wives star Meri Brown had a few allegations thrown her way recently, but instead of addressing them, she seemed to ignore them.

As the headlines blared “abuse” accusations, she posted what some fans see as a rebuttal photo. So, the first wife of this TLC reality series seemed to say a thousand words with this one little picture.

Sister Wives: Started as Slow Trickle for Meri Brown

Allegations about first bride Meri Brown mistreating Kody Brown’s kids first surfaced a while back. One of the original clues of a problem appeared in a book that the five then-spouses penned years ago.

In that book, Christine Brown told the story of confronting Meri about the way she took out her frustrations on Christine’s kids. She told Meri to leave her kids alone.

But she didn’t add details on what exactly that alleged “mistreatment” entailed. Years later, Maddie Brown Brush tweeted some harsh words about the first wife of the Sister Wives clan.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

While Maddie didn’t name-drop Meri, fans assumed it was her that she aimed at. Meri’s reprimanding tweet started the ball rolling. It was for an unnamed person on her LuLaRoe team at the time who wasn’t working up to their potential.

Maddie was on her team back then and tweeted what sounded like a retaliation tweet, which she quickly deleted. But that great invention of screenshots kept this Sister Wives‘ daughter’s tweet alive and thriving way into the future.

Floodgates Open and Pour Out

More recently, Meri Brown seemed inundated with allegations from a few of Kody’s adult kids. Paedon Brown didn’t mince his words, he said Meri Brown went “beyond verbal abuse” when it came to some of the kids.

Then his estranged sister, Gwendlyn Brown backed him up. She also said she witnessed Meri become violent with Mykelti Brown when they were kids. Next, Mykelti Brown Brush chimed in.

She reports that while she got the brunt of Meri’s anger, she wasn’t physically abused by her. But these few kids agreed they feared this Sister Wives’ mom when they were young.

But it finally stopped when the kids became old enough to fight back, Mykelti reports. So, four adult kids and one of the other wives, Christine, all accused the first wife mistreated the kids in the Brown family.

Sister Wives: Meri Concocts Damage Control?

Meri didn’t say a word as these allegations blew up online across various social media sites. Headlines aimed at the first wife of the Sister Wives show, but she remained quiet. So, she never really addressed this at all.

She put a blurb on social media about good friends having her back and sticking with her. But this was very similar to the many what fans call cryptic messages from Meri Brown.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Hunter Brown - Logan Brown

The kids who accused Meri of mistreatment belong to Christine and Janelle Brown. Maddie is the daughter of Janelle and Christine is the mom of Mykelti, Paedon, and Gwendlyn. So it wasn’t as if these accusations came from within one family.

But fans today see the photo above that Meri just posted as damage control. Both these young men above are Janelle’s sons. Logan Brown is on the left and Hunter Brown is on the right.

She was in Vegas recently, so she spent a few hours with these guys. This Sister Wives mom said she is proud of the “good men they’ve become.” Fans think it is Meri’s way of showing not all the kids think of her in a negative light.

So, it looks like Meri’s visit was very welcome by these two sons of the Brown family. With that said maybe the photo will work as a bit of damage control towards those allegations aimed at this TLC reality mom.

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