Sister Wives star Robyn Brown might be suffering from control issues, which a new photo seems to suggest to fans. The snapshot making its way around social media seems to indicate she’s taken control of some household provisions both on and off the TLC show.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Not a Welcome Mat Owner?

Robyn Brown weathered some awful comments from fans since marrying into the Brown clan. So, as fans watched this season, they had some ideas as to why the TLC crew didn’t seem to film any scenes inside Robyn’s house.

Some viewers thought that she attempted to keep things a little more private than she has in the past. They assume that’s because she was such a target for the critics. But that might not be the reason after all.

The inside of Robyn Brown’s house wasn’t shown this season. The reason behind this is debated on social media. Some think this Sister Wives’ house might be too messy to have the camera operators move around the rooms.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Others think that she just doesn’t want her household disrupted. So, fans think the production crew only filmed scenes from outside the house owned by wife number four for a variety of reasons.

But a new photo recently surfaced suggesting another possibility for the inside of her house seemingly off limits. Some fans think this is a clue that Robyn Brown is a bit controlling to any visitors at Sister Wives’ home.

Other fans think a refrigerator message that popped up in a pic indicates some control issues Kody Brown’s youngest wife may harbor. The note is seen in a photo at the bottom of this article on her fridge.

Who Is Mindy?

Well, the note on Robyn Brown’s refrigerator says “Please ask Robyn or Mindy before you take any food!” So, does that mean everyone, including Kody needs to ask before they take a snack, a pat of butter, or a glass of milk?

So why do only this Sister Wives bride and Mindy have a say over who eats what? Plus, who is Mindy anyway? Well, Mindy Jessop is the nanny, who has been with this mom of five since the two youngest kids were babies.

She was once rumored to become Kody Brown’s fifth wife. But that turned out as just a rumor. Besides, from what the fourth wife recently said, her nanny is married.

Mindy is related to David Jessop, Robyn’s ex-husband. Reports indicate that she is Robyn’s step-niece. Mindy lived with Robyn when she was in Vegas and made her way out to Flagstaff to continue her job at some point.

Mindy Jessop’s social media pages are full of photos of her and Sister Wives’ family members, like the tweet above. This nanny seems close to several Brown kids. Even some of the kids outside the brood that they pay her to watch.

Who is the Target at Robyn’s House?

So, the sign on the fridge at Robyn Brown’s house seems very unwelcoming. To the fans commenting on this photo, it also seems very controlling of this wife and mother to post it.

This conjures up more questions than it does answers for the Sister Wives’ followers. So, who helped themselves to food, so much so that this caused someone to become annoyed enough to post this sign?

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Refrigerator Note

Did the TLC camera crew become too comfortable in the Sister Wives’ homes? Did the people behind the scenes grab a drink, an apple, or a snack when they felt like it?

If so, fans think maybe Robyn believes this will discourage them from doing so. Of course, it’s always possible that she’s controlling what everyone in the household eats.

Either way, fans of the TLC show find it very strange that Mindy’s name should replace Kody Brown’s name on the polite keep-out message on Robyn Brown’s fridge. It looks like Kody isn’t calling the shots for the family…

Well, at least not from the kitchen in the house he shares with Robyn Brown. It looks like even the nanny trumps him when it comes to getting permission to eat.

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