Joe Hoft from The Gateway Pundit joined Dan Ball on OAN on Monday night to discuss the Biden classified document scandal.  

Host Dan Ball, as usual, is on top of the Biden classified document scandal.  He introduced the subject by covering the three batches of classified documents that have turned up.  He noted that we don’t get pictures of the documents that have been found like the staged pictures that were leaked after the unlawful raid on President Trump’s iconic home of Mar-a-Lago with inserted classified document cover sheets.

Ball shared on he’s been in the President’s office at Mar-a-Lago and there’s no documents lying around.  He’s also met and talked to the security at Mar-a-Lago that help keep the place safe and secure.

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Vice President Biden had no legal reason to have these documents.  He can’t classify documents and he can’t take them with him, like the President can.

Joe asked at the end of the interview:

Why’s this coming up now and what’s going on?  Are they trying to cover something up even bigger?  Because they don’t just come out and drop this stuff.  What really is going on?

Ball responded by asking:

What is it Joe?  What’s your theory?  Because I’ve got two different ones.  I want to hear yours.

Hoft responded:

Well, I’ll tell you really quick.  It could be that they’re trying to…get rid of Biden and then smoothe, use him as a pawn so they can get rid of Trump on a similar thing, even though it’s totally opposite.

Or is it, just trying to get rid of him because he’s a dope.

Or is there something more that’s even more devastating, for example, what’s in those documents that he had sitting around his house for so long and who had access to them?

Ball thought the first thing said might be it.  They take out Biden and then say “hey we did it to Biden so we’ve got to indict Trump”.

We get rid of both of them and the Deep State can try and put new players in.  That’s what I think’s happening.  They’re trying to take them both out.

Interesting ideas, time will tell.

Please watch the entire interview below.

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