Video memory: 8GB | Max display support: 4 screens | Display connections: 3x HDMI, 3x DisplayPort | Chipset: Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 series | Max resolution output: 8K | Interface:  PCI Express 4.0

Whether you live stream on Twitch or create let’s play videos for YouTube, you need a GPU that can not only keep up with all of the hottest game releases but also handle other creative demands like video and photo editing, 3D modeling, and animation, as well as graphic design. 

The Gigabyte Aorus GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Master is a great choice for content creators with its 8GB of VRAM, a base clock speed of 1875MHz, and six video outputs; you can connect up to four screens simultaneously to help you create a larger viewing area for gaming or for more streamlined multitasking for post-production work. It’s best suited for 1440p and 4K gaming, but is also capable of up to 8K video output, letting you future-proof your rig a bit against graphics and tech advances in gaming. It supports DirectX 12 Ultimate and ray tracing for some of the best detailing and lighting you can get in games, and it uses artificial intelligence to better analyze your games for more efficient upscaling of non-UHD graphics. 

And all of this power means that the card runs hot, but don’t worry, this GPU is built to draw as much waste heat away from delicate circuits as possible. Not only does it have three fans, but also utilizes an open-fin heatsink for maximum airflow through the card as well as a vapor cooling chamber and copper piping to keep the GPU chip itself running at optimal temperatures. The card has a dual BIOS switch so you can select the quiet mode when you don’t need such aggressive cooling or the performance mode for when you’re gearing up to play a graphically intensive game. The leading edge of the card not only has addressable RGB lighting for coordinating aesthetics across your entire build, but it also has a mini-LCD screen. You can display vital information like GPU temperatures and load usage or clock speed, or you can use custom text, GIFs, and images to show off your personal style or stream team loyalty.

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