During recent remarks made at the Lumière Festival in Lyon, France, Burton said explained he had such a bad experience making the live-action adaptation of Dumbo, that he will never work with Disney again.

“It’s gotten to be very homogenized, very consolidated. There’s less room for different types of things,” the 64-year-old director explained.

From The Daily Wire:

When asked if he would ever consider directing a Marvel movie, the “Edward Scissorhands” creator said he wasn’t interested. “I can only deal with one universe, l can’t deal with a multi-universe,” Burton explained.

The filmmaker also told the crowd that he had a long relationship with Disney, starting with working as an animator there decades ago. He recalled being “hired and fired” several times and pointed to working on the Disney project “Dumbo” as a deciding factor for severing ties.

“My history is that I started out there. I was hired and fired, like, several times throughout my career there,” Burton said.

“The thing about ‘Dumbo’ is that’s why I think my days with Disney are done,” he continued. “I realized that I was ‘Dumbo,’ that I was working in this horrible big circus and I needed to escape.”

That movie is quite autobiographical at a certain level,” Burton said.

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