Hennessey intends to diversify the Venom F5 lineup with a new derivative scheduled to debut later today. The Texas-based tuner took to social media to release a teaser image of its spicy hypercar that seems to be a track-flavored version judging by the rear wing. In addition, we’re also noticing a roof scoop that tells us we’re dealing with a coupe-based derivative instead of the Venom F5 Roadster introduced in 2022.

If we are indeed looking at a track-focused version, it won’t be the one to smash the 300-mph barrier. Instead, Hennessey is likely developing a Venom F5 that would make absolute top speed less of a priority to focus on going fast through the corners. In an interview with Top Gear magazine nearly two years ago John Hennessey hinted at a high-downforce GTR-like version. Could this be it? We’ll find out soon.

Hennessey has suggested it will take the Venom F5 to the Nürburgring to set a fast lap time, and this new version seems like the ideal tool to tackle the demanding Green Hell. The aftermarket specialist known for its high-powered muscle cars aims for a sub-seven-minute lap, so the Mercedes-AMG One’s record is not in any danger.

Unlike the Venom GT loosely connected to the Lotus Exige, its replacement has been touted as an all-Hennessey effort. A top-speed run has yet to take place, but the hypercar did hit 271.6 mph (437.1 km/h) in February 2022 at the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds in Florida. Both the coupe and droptop versions have been advertised with a top speed in excess of 300 mph (483 km/h).

Hennessey is making 24 coupes and 30 roadsters, with more than 20 units to be built and delivered in 2023. The $2.1-million Venom F5 Coupe has long been sold out while some build slots for the $3-million F5 Roadster are still up for grabs.

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