Tom Sandoval may just be the Vanderpump Rules star who caused reality TV’s biggest cheating scandal of all time. The epicenter of Scandoval is West Hollywood, where he and costar Tom Schwartz are part owners of the bar TomTom with Lisa Vanderpump.

Much of the 10th Season of Vanderpump Rules is devoted to their new establishment Schwartz & Sandy’s which opened after a number of delays. Tom Sandoval has sealed his fate by cheating on his longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix with Raquel Leviss, “Aka” the “Bambi-Eyed b***h.”

The reality star is not a stranger to controversy and is quite the ladies’ man. However, this final scandal has really left him a social pariah. To answer Ariana’s question in the season finale, “[Did he think] He was going to cheat on me and walk away unscathed.”

Vanderpump Rules: Tom Sandoval Cheated with Ariana Madix at The Golden Nugget

In the first season of Vanderpump Rules, Tom Sandoval was living with longtime girlfriend Kristen Doute. Their relationship issues became a major storyline with dueling cheating accusations coming from both parties.

Ultimately, Tom Sandoval left his relationship with Doute to be with Ariana Madix. Fans eventually went along with the transition without too much backlash. This may have been due to the fact that Kristen also cheated with fellow cast member Jax Taylor.

An infamous plot point the next season, was that he started his affair with Ariana Madix at the Golden Nugget Hotel. “I met up with [Ariana], like, the sun was coming up, so we just ran out to the pool. … It was after, like, a whole night of drinking. We just kind of kissed,” he said at the Season 2 reunion. “I’m, like, so much happier [with Ariana].”

In Season 3 of Vanderpump Rules Kristen Doute found out about a girl from Miami that Tom then cheated on Ariana with. She orchestrated a confrontation with “Miami Girl” and Tom Sandoval at SUR restaurant. He denied the accusations over and over to Ariana and fans.

Recently, in an interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen the infamous “Miami Girl” situation came up and she finally revealed the truth.

“They slept together,” she said. “It was before we were exclusive, and I didn’t want people to think the absolute worst of the man I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. So, I defended him.”

Tom has also now admitted to cheating on Ariana with one other “random person” in the season finale of Vanderpump Rules Season 10.

VPR: Tom Cancels Tom Schwartz and Fans Rally for Ariana

Then it happened, the scandal of all Scandovals. Tom Sandoval cheated on his girlfriend of nine years, Ariana Madix with Raquel Leviss. The news of the seven-month long affair exploded and spread like wildfire. Fellow Vanderpump Rules stars took to Instagram and allied for Ariana, Tom instantly became a total outcast.

Vanderpump Rules: Ariana Madix
Vanderpump Rules | Bravo

“Anyone going to Tom Sandoval’s show tonight, here is the drill. I obviously will not be there but I want you all to bust into a chant of, ‘ARIANA! ARIANA!’”  Cheered fellow cast mate Lala Kent. In Addition, an outpour of fans and Bravolebrities have spoken out as being on #TeamAriana.

In the finale, Tom Sandoval cries in the arms of Tom Schwartz about the fallout of his affair. Schwartz immediately turns the conversation to the overwhelming impact this is having on him and their businesses. “We went from 4.8 stars on Yelp to one star at Schwartz & Sandy’s.”

Vanderpump Rules: Schwartz & Sandy’s Down the Drain?

In a confessional, Schwartz added, “To think that this place could fall apart because of Tom’s affair, it’s soul-crushing.” He admits he was afraid of being “cancelled” by association.

Schwartz continued, explaining that the early days of Sandoval’s scandal were “a little rough” on their eateries. “There was a moment where people were like, vandalizing our spot. I get it but vandalism is too far.” Will Schwartz & Sandy’s be another failure?

Vanderpump Rules: Tom Sandoval
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Soon after the affair came out there was a damage control attempt posted on the Schwartz & Sandy’s Instagram page. “Those of us who are not famous have dedicated our time, hearts, and money to make this restaurant a reality,” it read.

 Things have turned around for Tom’s bars in the more recent months. This is probably directly due to the mania that has surrounded Scandoval.  However, a source told that patrons are booking their reservations under obscene names such “F*** Tom Sandoval.”

The Hits Just Keep Coming for The Vanderpump Rules Outcast

News broke the day of the Vanderpump Rules Tell All, that Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss had broken up. He said that he wanted to focus on his band “Tom Sandoval & “The Most Extra’s.” Which have been getting boo’d and have had very little attendance since the scandal broke. No response if Lisa Vanderpump has gone to a show.

So, people just don’t want to be associated with him now. His appearance on Howie Mandel’s Podcast attempting to defending himself was a disaster. Bravo fans have been dragging the podcast, saying Mandel shouldn’t have given Sandoval a platform to justify cheating on Madix.

It has been confirmed that Raquel Leviss has been staying both with her family and in a metal facility in Arizona. Most recently, Sandoval packed up his OPI snow white nail polish and scurried off to Texas with his band.

He has been spotted several times there with a blonde “influencer’ named Kalree Hale. He claims they are “just friends” but he also said that about Raquel and Ariana in the past.

There are others too coming out of the woodwork. Darcey Silva from 90 Day Fiance even threw her hat in the ring. Her daughter posted on Instagram that she said they dated in the past. Finally, we have heard whispers about Tom’s fellow cast mate Billy Lee.

During the Season 10 finale of Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent said: “A few years ago, I heard the rumors that Tom and Billie Lee go off and do whatever they go and do.” She said: “We need to open that case back up! It went cold, and I don’t think it needs to be cold no more.”

What will come out next in the unraveling saga of “Scandoval” and the downward spiral of Tom Sandoval.  Nothing would be surprising at this point.

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