Welcome to Plathville son Ethan Plath is putting his younger sister and TLC costar, Moriah Plath, on blast. Viewers know that Ethan is usually pretty quiet about his life and relationships. However, he is not holding back and has plenty to say about his sister. So why is he going after Moriah now?

Welcome to Plathville: Ethan Plath’s Touchy Relationship with Moriah Plath

When Season 4 of Welcome to Plathville ended in May, things were very tense between the Plath family members.

Viewers know his sister and his wife, Olivia, were involved in a verbal confrontation over Olivia’s behavior and attitude towards the family. This left fans questioning his relationship with his wife and sister Moriah.

Welcome to Plathville: Moriah Plath

Following the Season 4 finale, fans know that his sister moved out of the Tampa home she had shared with her brother and sister-in-law.

The siblings haven’t spoken out too much except for the joint statement everyone, except Ethan and Olivia, posted about the family standing together and the network’s questionable editing practices.

Welcome to Plathville: Moriah Called Out by Ethan

Moriah’s Monday post on social media is getting a lot of buzz from Welcome to Plathville fans. The twenty-year-old singer/reality star jumped on her social media platform, writing, “Growing her wings…I mean eyelashes.” She goes on to greet her followers and ask how they are doing.

It is not an out-of-the-ordinary post for Moriah Plath. However, her brother Ethan Plath’s comment is out of the ordinary. Ethan of Welcome to Plathville left what fans feel is a snarky comment.

He lets her, and everyone else know she owes him quite a bit of money. He responds, “Those lashes are long but not as long as the list of bills you owe me.’

Welcome to Plathville: Moriah Plath


Did the TLC Star Ditch His Family?

Some fans feel Ethan Plath’s comments to his Welcome to Plathville sister were out of line. They also think it reveals that the two are not on the greatest of terms.

Many also say they can’t help but think that Olivia has much to do with it. As previously reported, Olivia and Ethan spent the summer traveling through Europe. She also says that they were working on their marriage.

Plath followers think that the time away together appears to have done wonders for their marital relationship. Recently Olivia shared that she and her husband had decided to leave Florida. She hints that they will relocate up north. But she did not share their destination.

Welcome to Plathville: Ethan Plath - Micah Plath - Moriah Plath

But, Plath’s sibling Lydia Plath, who has been revealing a few family details, says the couple is now living in Minnesota near their father Barry Plath’s parents. She also says that Season 5 is filming. Lydia adds that she is happy with how things are going so far.

As for where Ethan Plath stands with his Welcome to Plathville family. Well, some fans think it doesn’t look too promising. They believe he has made his choice.

Some think he is choosing his marriage and Olivia over his sister Moriah Plath. But they also feel he could have handled his interaction with Moriah more privately. Do you agree?

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